Kids Playground Flooring

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Indoor & Outdoor Flooring For Kids Playgrounds

GreenAir specialises in providing clients with safety flooring to help prevent the number and severity of these incidents by covering hard surfaces with soft landings. Our flooring is soft, durable and cushions any fall, thus lessening the possibility of a child getting hurt.

Aesthetically Pleasing Safety Flooring

Our outdoor and indoor flooring for kids playgrounds are not only for safety but are also available in a variety of colours and the possibilities for playground designs are endless. GreenAir supplies and installs the flooring to your specifications. GreenAir’s flooring is eco-friendly and has excellent anti-slip properties. We create great, high-quality products at reasonable prices.

A Flooring Solution For Every Application

We have a selection of rubber flooring to suit every need; ranging from rubber matting to interlocking plastic floor tiles and Artificial Grass. Our products are made from the highest quality materials and are easy to clean. Browse our range of flooring for kids playgrounds below to find the one best suited to your needs.

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