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Green Air Equipment offers a wide variety of durable and attractive Outdoor Jungle Gyms and Playground Equipment as well as Practical and Effective Outdoor Gym Equipment and Outdoor Flooring. All of our equipment has been built to last in some of the harshest conditions while not losing its attractiveness and attention-grabbing features that will have any child running to play in your playground and even the fittest of people wanting to exercise in your outdoor space

Where you will often find our Jungle Gyms, Playground Equipment and Outdoor Gym Equipment

Because all of our equipment has been crafted from the highest-quality materials and rigorously tested to ensure safety and durability. We can proudly say that when you choose equipment from any of our Jungle Gyms, Playgrounds or Outdoor Gym Categories, you can be confident that you are getting Outdoor Equipment that is competitively affordable, long-lasting and attractive to anyone who sees it.

This means that our Green Air Equipment can be found in all areas of People-Focused Areas. We have had calls from Owners and Managers of well-established:

  • Resorts and Hotels
  • Restaurants and Shopping Centers
  • Schools, Private and Public
  • Parks and Community Gardens, Private and Publics
  • Private Estates and Even Private Residents

For more information about or to browse our collection of Jungle Gyms, Playground Facilities or Outdoor Gym Equipment. You can contact us in various ways, by mail, contact form or Number.

Outdoor Gym Equipment

Suitable for a number of facilities and public services including parks, schools, senior centres, green-spaces, colleges and universities. Our quality-guaranteed outdoor fitness equipment is specifically designed to meet the developmental needs of people of all ages. Browse through our catalogue, you’ll find fitness structures that are designed to give a complete alfresco workout.

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Outdoor Plastic Jungle Gym Equipment

Are you looking to find the best outdoor playground equipment out there? Green Air will help create a fun and safe space for kids in schools, municipalities, organisations, businesses and communities. Here you’ll find an impressive selection of commercial playground equipment for sale, all in one place.

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Toddler Jungle Gyms

Bring the playground to you by adding plastic jungle gyms and slides to your backyard or kiddies play space. Your children will always be within sight – when they’re climbing, swinging, and sliding on their new plastic jungle gym. These awesome slide and swing sets will only encourage outdoor play and fun, keeping your children active and busy.

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Our playground equipment is designed for how children play!

So that children will love to play outside! Our outdoor play equipment has many benefits which include encouraging children to play together while being more active outdoors. When designed specifically to promote child development, playgrounds can significantly improve children’s health, learning, imagination, sensory development, curiosity, and social inclusion.

Educational and imaginative playsets can help improve children’s learning and creative abilities while they have fun! Children may touch the textured surfaces of playground equipment, exploring the world with their senses. They may listen to the sounds of a playground and get curious about sound. The bright colours of the playground as well as the various shapes may help encourage visual curiosity and the ability to recognise shapes and colours. For older children, activity panels can help with the recognition of numbers, shapes, and letters.

This is why we, at Green Air, supply such a fantastic range of safe, hard-wearing plastic playground equipment, environmentally-friendly plastic playsets and a huge array of fun, outdoor gym equipment.

Our fitness equipment is specially designed to withstand adverse weather conditions and they are coated with a durable finish for minimal maintenance and extended life. Its high-quality standards provide safe usage for everyone, from teenagers up to seniors.

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