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Slides are a healthy lifestyle for children. They help promote a healthy weight with exercise and boost their immune system. Having a slide in your backyard will help you save money on fuel because you won’t have to drive the kids to the park several times a week. They can just go outside to play.

Slides encourage confidence and exploration in children. Slides are a tremendous confidence booster for children when they face the intimidating challenge of a tall slide, and win. It takes some effort to climb, slide and repeat. They are a great motivator to promote physical activity on the playground.

Because of climbing, sliding and repeating this action over and over again, kids learn balance and coordination and develop spatial awareness in just navigating their way to the top of the slide. Inside the queue or on the ladder, children are also learning lessons of social organization. It teaches them to wait for their respective turn, and wait while others ahead of them enjoy.

Slides are every kid’s favourite commercial playground component. They will typically pick it as their favourite when asked. One unusual thing they do though is climb the slide the wrong way. Parents never teach them that, but they do it. To us it is weird, but to them it is exciting and they love it.

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