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THE GYMBOX is a challenging play centre for babies and toddlers that provides an indoor movement and activity environment.
It is designed to provide a variety of activities to enhance the development of motor skills, co-ordination, sense of balance, emotional and social skills in toddlers.


This Home Play Centre enables years of enjoyment – taking your child through different developmental stages. The GYMBOX allows for parent and child quality time, enhancing many important developmental aspects such as fine & gross motor skills, balance & coordination, visual and spatial perception – all through fun play. For the first time you can create a whole “playground” in your own home monitoring your child’s safety.

THE GYMBOX was developed for the fast pace of life which allows for less and less time being spent on physical activities. It was designed to assist kindergartens, day cares, varied therapists and leisure centers as presenting a complete array of different activities.

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THE GYMBOX is a motor skills development activity centre designed for ages 0-7 years old

It offers multi functions for multi users

“Experimentation through physical activity in early childhood contributes to the cognitive development and reinforces the confidence and emotional skills that affects later learning abilities”

– Dana Alperon, Psychologist, Developmental and Educational Consultant to THE GYMBOX.

THE GYMBOX customers are new parents, daycare’s of all kinds, (including home daycare’s), institutes for children with special needs, rehabilitation centers, all kinds of kids clinics, hospitals, (children departments), nurseries, pre-schools, churches, kids clubs, waiting corners, (for dentists, physician etc.), all kinds of therapists for children, (physiotherapists, occupational therapy, musical therapist, etc.), grandmothers and grandfathers for their grandchild, hotels, sport and leisure centers.

THE GYMBOX is a modular cube and is available in two sizes

  • GYMBOX 80cm Cube spreads into 2.4m x 3.2m and is Recommended for Ages 3 months – 3 years. Guaranteed fun for children up to the age of 5 years.
  • GYMBOX 100cm Cube spreads into 3m x 4m and is Recommended for Ages 3 years – 7 years. Guarantees fun for children up to the age of 7 years+.