Plastic Jungle Gyms and Slides

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Get Ready to Upgrade Your Kids Play Area with our Plastic Jungle Gyms, Swings and Slides

Bring the playground to you by adding plastic jungle gyms and slides to your backyard or kiddies play space. Your children will always be within sight – when they’re climbing, swinging, and sliding on their new plastic jungle gym. These awesome slide and swing sets will only encourage outdoor play and fun, keeping your children active and busy. Plus, moms and dads will love how these play sets help their little ones burn off their endless pool of energy.

Our plastic jungle gyms can be used anywhere! Schools, childcare facilities, private homes, housing complexes, hotels, lodges, restaurants, parks, doctors rooms, therapists you name it. Our playsets meet best practices and licensing requirements in early childhood standards by bringing gross and fine motor development, movement, shapes recognition and multi-sensory experiences.


There will be no shortage of fun, guaranteed!

Our inventory of children’s play structures feature climbers, ramps, ladders, slides and swings and are perfectly sized for toddlers and small children. Imaginative play equipment and learning panels can also be found in our product range.

Are these plastic jungle gyms durable?

Our toddler playsets are designed for long-term use so they are built to last. They are made of high quality, UV-resistant plastic, so it will remain durable and bright for years to come. Unlike wooden jungle gyms, it is low maintenance and the durability of plastic minimizes the risk of warping, rotting and splintering.

These plastic jungle gyms will bring endless excitement to your play space, and they’re designed to withstand regular play, weather conditions, and years of use.

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Plastic Jungle Gyms and Slides

FMJ036 Rainbow Fence


Plastic Jungle Gyms and Slides

FMJ037 Giraffe


Plastic Jungle Gyms and Slides

FMJ043 Toddler House


Plastic Jungle Gyms and Slides

FMJ050 Rainbow Caterpillar


Plastic Jungle Gyms and Slides

Transformer Playhouse 001