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Keeping fit and active is an essential part of any healthy lifestyle, and everyone should have access to fitness equipment and the means to maintain that lifestyle. Not everyone has access to state of the art gyms or fitness classes, but with outdoor fitness equipment, the public has unbridled access to all the fitness machines they need to spot train, cardio train, and tone their muscles. A fit and active lifestyle is a necessity, not a luxury, and that’s true across the board no matter the circumstances. 

Where can you find Outdoor Fitness Equipment?

You can find outdoor fitness equipment in your local park near you, on beach promenades, at schools and universities, or even on the property of corporations that value their staff.  And you can find all manner of machines for both able and disabled users, from rowing machines to pull up bars, push and pull chairs to arm wheels.

Green Air is one of the leading outdoor fitness & gym suppliers in South Africa, supplying the public with the best outdoor equipment available. Enjoy the great outdoors as you train, soaking up the sun or the refreshing breeze. It’s exercising with a difference, and far more accessible than expensive gym memberships or classes and fitness trainers.