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Exercise is a crucial part of an active and healthy lifestyle, and while for many it’s easy enough to go out for a run or walk, any active gym enthusiast knows that exercise and training takes on many forms. Spot training and targeted muscle development make up a part of fitness and muscle training routines, and this requires a broad range of gym equipment.

No matter the circumstances, sometimes indoor gym equipment or public park equipment may not be readily accessible, and you may not be able to afford lagging behind in your training as you wait for it to become accessible again. Particularly now with lockdown restrictions in place, gyms and parks are going to be out of commission for the foreseeable future, and we’re going to need to find new fitness solutions. This can be enjoying the best outdoor gym equipment in your own backyard!

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Home Outdoor Gym Equipment
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Introducing Outdoor Gym Equipment

With most of us already spending far too much time cooped up in our homes already, utilizing your backyard to create a safe, private and effective training space. All of your favourite gym equipment can be translated into versions of home outdoor gym equipment for your convenience.

The Flexibility of Gym Rental Equipment

Any solid fitness routine and training program often involves a broad range of equipment, and you’ll likely work up to using more intensive equipment or move onto other equipment to start new spot training routines. With only so much space in your backyard, you can’t possibly install all the equipment you want on a permanent basis.

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That’s where renting outdoor gym equipment comes in, giving you the freedom and flexibility to rent the equipment you need and switch them out as you need them. This is also beneficial to those who are reluctant to invest in big purchases, or who may not be looking for a permanent home solution for a temporary problem. Leasing your gym equipment limits your spend to manageable monthly installments that you can opt-out of should you wish to change your equipment, move or drop your home gym routine entirely.

The Accessibility of Disabled Gym Equipment at Home

It can be difficult to find fitness spaces accessible to those with disabilities, and for many their home and backyard is their safe and perfectly accessible space to keep up a fitness routine.  Outdoor gym rental equipment can also fall within a rehabilitation program to assist patients in getting back on their feet in the privacy of their backyard.

The Ease of Outdoor Gym Equipment Installation


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There’s no need to worry about the complexity of installing your outdoor gym equipment yourself when hiring through Greenair. You can choose from our range of rental equipment and our team will install them for you, and should you need your equipment switched out or removed they’ll be on hand to assist you with that as well. 

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Our gym rental equipment makes it easier than ever to keep up your active lifestyle close to home, quite literally! Fill out our form below to start your rental application process, and you’ll be well on your way to starting your personal fitness journey.


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