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Project Completion

  • Selection and Purchase of Equipment
    Customers have numerous options to perfectly customize the design of their OUTDOOR-FITNESS
    facility, fitness goals and work-outs, and at the same time – keep within their budget. There are
    over 50 exercise stations in the OUTDOOR-FITNESS Equipment line. Choosing a selection of five or
    more units provides a good introductory layout. The equipment is equally effective when
    installed as a cluster in a confined exercise area, set along a fitness trail, installed as an outdoor
    gym, playground, park, parcourse or as a fitness training area. Choose your own equipment,
    discuss your decisions with us or choose from one of our pre-made equipment packages
  • Design and Layout
    Many customers will already have a specific idea of the exercise area they want to achieve.
    We are, however, available to discuss putting together your Outdoor-Fitness area. Our customer
    service specialists are happy to discuss each piece of equipment and its exercise values to help
    with the most effective choices of equipment for your fitness program and your outdoor-fitness
    area. We will also provide you with a formal written quotation confirming the costs of the
    equipment as well as shipping and delivery fees for what you are interested in purchasing for
    your Outdoor-Fitness gym, playground, park, and trail or training area.
  • Installation
    Outdoor-Fitness Equipment is easy to install, Client have a choice to install the equipment
    following the guideline and instruction give or we can install the Equipment ,although, because
    of its strength and durability, it is heavy and certainly requires some muscle power.
  • Maintenance
    While very little maintenance is required, it is important that someone is responsible for regular
    inspections. Generally, it is a matter of checking the locking nuts and bolts. Should any
    equipment failure be evident, these issues will be covered
  • Customer Service
    We recognize that the process of building a fitness installation is more than just purchasing the
    equipment. There are many steps and we will remain as a resource to you throughout the entire
    process and beyond. Our customers are the best means of promoting the equipment and
    spreading the notion of improved fitness across the country. We are here to support your
    program in any way possible.
  • Warranty
    Every Outdoor-Fitness product is warranted against defects in material and workmanship
    2 Years Warranty on plastic, rubber or composite parts, seats and fittings, bearings, clamps.
    2 Years Warranty on main frame steel posts, welds, bars, steel structural equipment.

Contact Information

Head Office – Unit 6 Lyndhurst Discount Centre, Corner Pretoria and Modderfontein, Lyndhurst, 2192, Johannesburg

Business Development Manager
Alica Burdina- +27 (0)11 346-2084/083 989-9491,

Neta Indig, +27 (0)11 346-2084/071 777-6666

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