Company Summary

Green Air Equipment continually strives to achieve professionalism & excellence. Founded in 2008, Green Air Equipment has been committed to provide targeted playground & fitness products for people from all age ranges. We Supply and install children’s playground equipment, teenage training facilities & outdoor fitness equipment.
When we define an excellent children facility, it must be adequately safe. Therefore our playground equipment solutions are designed & manufactured according to the relevant European safety standards.

  • In appearance, the design can inspire children’s enthusiasm & imagination.
  • In function, it can foster children to explore consciously & help each other, also be confident persistently & brave through games with difficulties & challenges. Also help with children’s mental & physical development.
  • At GreenAir we believe staying healthy should be fun.
  • Our equipment is designed for outdoor usage giving you the benefit of being closer to nature in fresh air.
  • This fitness equipment are especially designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions outdoor and they are coated with durable finish for minimal maintenance and extended life. Its high quality standards provide safe usage for children up to seniors.
  • Not only are our products environmentally friendly it’s convenient and fun. It is more effective because it uses your body weight.
  • Exercising in the greenery can alleviate depression, stress and anxiety and burn up to:
    • 20 percent more calories
    • Decision Criteria

Key Decision Criteria

Importance (High, Med, Low)

  1. Service Level Agreement High
  2. Pricing Med
  3. Delivery High

The Outdoor Fitness Approach

  1. Our Approach – Sometimes it’s difficult to adapt to a new fitness environment. Many gym goers tend to become obsessed with a particular machine and exercise very specific constrained movement. Most of the Outdoor-Fitness equipment can be used for a variety of exercise, and we suggest that you approach it somewhat as play and try many different movements. There’s no emphasis in a specific number of repetitions. You have to begin from where you are, and then apply yourself to consistent workouts over some months, never over-doing the effort beyond your limits. In time, the gains will come, and you will notice them.
    For those who are not in great shape and find themselves adverse to exercise just get started. Even doing, say, 12 minutes, twice a week, is infinitely better than nothing. Everyone must get activated. But, pressure and risk are counterproductive.
    Again progress gradually with no risk. Use the exercises to focus on and isolate target muscle groups, thus developing kinaesthetic awareness. Pay attention to what the body is telling you. One muscle strain, or excessive discomfort will set you back more than it’s worth, hampering the gains you will undoubtedly make with a modest approach.
  2. Five Reasons why use Outdoor Gym
    1. Better Health: Your muscles need to be used regularly to work at their best. Increased exertion increases blood flow, primes the cardiovascular system and delivers nutrients. Exercise builds resistance to the onset of disease and builds lean muscle and stops muscular atrophy.
    2. Live longer: Can’t find the time? If you exercised an hour day, five days a week, for a life time, do you think you might live 2.3 years longer. Most experts think so. That’s how long you would spend, totally, doing your exercise throughout a average term of South Africa. Life expectancy. Result, exercise returns more time than you invested. It doesn’t cost you any time at all. In fact, it turns back the clock.
    3. Increase Strength: Enhances productivity. Adds more rewarding recreational opportunities, allowing you to get more out of life.
    4. Increase Endurance: Do more of what you enjoy for longer, strengthen the heart and lungs. Upgrade your productivity.
    5. Just Being Outdoors: We generally spend too much time indoors. The Outdoor Fitness program allows you to enjoy the sun, fresh air and all the elements. It’s invigorating and has health and fitness benefits all on its own.

Porject Completion

  • Selection and Purchase of Equipment Customers have numerous options to perfectly customize the design of their OUTDOOR-FITNESS facility, fitness goals and work-outs, and at the same time – keep within their budget. There are over 50 exercise stations in the OUTDOOR-FITNESS Equipment line. Choosing a selection of five or more units provides a good introductory layout. The equipment is equally effective when installed as a cluster in a confined exercise area, set along a fitness trail, installed as an outdoor gym, playground, park, parcourse or as a fitness training area. Choose your own equipment, discuss your decisions with us or choose from one of our pre-made equipment packages.
  • Design and Layout Many customers will already have a specific idea of the exercise area they want to achieve. We are, however, available to discuss putting together your Outdoor-Fitness area. Our customer service specialists are happy to discuss each piece of equipment and its exercise values to help with the most effective choices of equipment for your fitness program and your outdoor-fitness area. We will also provide you with a formal written quotation confirming the costs of the equipment as well as shipping and delivery fees for what you are interested in purchasing for your Outdoor-Fitness gym, playground, park, and trail or training area.
  • Installation Outdoor-Fitness Equipment is easy to install, Client have a choice to install the equipment following the guideline and instruction give or we can install the Equipment ,although, because of its strength and durability, it is heavy and certainly requires some muscle power.
  • Maintenance While very little maintenance is required, it is important that someone is responsible for regular inspections. Generally, it is a matter of checking the locking nuts and bolts. Should any equipment failure be evident, these issues will be covered.
  • Customer Service We recognize that the process of building a fitness installation is more than just purchasing the equipment. There are many steps and we will remain as a resource to you throughout the entire process and beyond. Our customers are the best means of promoting the equipment and spreading the notion of improved fitness across the country. We are here to support your program in any way possible
    4.6 Warranty Every Outdoor-Fitness product is warranted against defects in material and workmanship 2 Years Warranty on plastic, rubber or composite parts, seats and fittings, bearings, clamps. 2 Years Warranty on main frame steel posts, welds, bars, steel structural equipment.

Contact Information

Unit 6, Lyndhurst Discount Centre,, Corner Pretoria and Modderfontein Roads, Lyndhurst, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2192