celebrating earth day

Go Green- Plant a tree! That is our encouraging slogan for the Earth Day! Green Air celebrated Earth Day by planting trees at Benoni SPCA! We are proud supports of Green Living, we love Green,  is a magnificent colour and we would like to see more of it! Wouldn’t You?
By planting a tree every one of us can help our planet to be healthier and greener!

This is what our participants had to say

It sure gives you a nice feeling, looking at this still small plant, that soon will grow into a big, beautiful, strong tree, that might become a home to some birds one day, that will nest in it’s branches, give a cooling shade in hot summer days or shelter from a cold drizzle.
Being able to watch it grow, watching how it changes year by year, or even just knowing that it does, using your imagination, trying to “see” what it will look like in 5 years! Planting a tree leaves you happy and satisfied, I can tell you that much.



I was always concerned and frightened by how little green is left in modern cities. Have you nticed how its all about the roads, speed, shopping etc? Well I have! And it’s really hard to relax in a city like Johannesburg. At least for me it is. I am a nature loving person, I like being closer to nature, listening to the birds, watching them fly from one branch to the next. I enjoy every time I can get away from the busy life and just become one with nature. Of course I understand that 1 or 2 trees won’t turn a big city into a forest, but it can sure help it look greener, just a little bit! Lets plant some more trees!



We enjoyed planting trees! It turned out not to be a s easy as I’ve thought, but it was very rewarding indeed! All this sweating and digging was the rough part, which you forget about once you look at the tree you’ve just planted and see how the wind gently plays with its leaves. When you see how green and alive it is… This feeling is hard to explain, I’d call it satisfaction and maybe even pride! It makes you feel a little better about yourself. Plant a tree- check!


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