Playground Design And Build Projects With Green Air

When it comes to creating play spaces for children to play you need a single-source designer and builder that is able to complete custom design with safety surfacing to ensure the best play experience. Green Air offers you a construction contract that saves you time and money by incorporating design and construction from one project team. Green Air also supplies all the playground equipment you may need; we have a vast selection of kids playground equipment for you to choose from.

Important considerations for planning your playground:

  • What ages and abilities will use this play area?
  • How many visitors will play at once?
  • Are there unique historical characteristics, a color scheme or theme you’d like to incorporate?
  • Do you need additional amenities such as shade, benches or waste receptacles?
  • Will the slope and soil conditions of your site allow for proper drainage?
  • Is there existing vegetation that can be incorporated into your design?
  • Does your site receive high levels of wind or precipitation, or hot afternoon sun?
  • Can the playground be located near existing amenities such as parking, restrooms and walking/biking paths?
  • Do you want your playground to have a modern look, mimic the environment or carry out a theme?
  • What freestanding play elements will you incorporate?
  • Spinners, swings or seesaws?
  • How many challenges do you want to incorporate?
  • What inclusive elements—ramps, transfer points, sensory play, music
  • Are you designing for future phases so it’s easier to enhance your playground down the road?


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Examples Of Playground Designs Offered By Green Air