Green Air are leading Suppliers of Kids Playgrounds Equipment, This includes our Kids Plastic Jungle Gyms and Toddler Activity Play Sets.

We have a wide range of products catering for Children of all Ages. Our products are of the highest quality and Safety assured. Our various ranges are suitable for many services including – Schools, Kindergartens, Private Homes, Housing Complexes, Hotels, Lodges, Parks, Doctors Rooms, Day Care, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Offices.

 Green Air offers a big variety of different Kids Playgrounds & Plastic Jungle Gyms! We have offers for any taste and any pocket. Starting with the cute simple plastic jungle gym’s that don’t need installation and Spring Riders that attract kid’s with the bright color and fun bouncing; to the medium, big and huge Plastic Jungle gym’s and sport complexes, that will be perfect for big groups of kids.

The Kids Playgrounds & Plastic Jungle Gyms Equipment is made of high quality, UV protected plastic, that ensures it being durable and bright for years after the installation, unlike wooden jungle gym’s, plastic won’t give you problems with splinters, it is low maintenance, 100 % safe for kids of any age group!

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